When was the last time you let yourself daydream about your business or organization – to really allow yourself to envision where it could go and what you could do with it? Business creativity is an under-emphasized skill that can fall by the wayside when it comes to decision-making. At the end of the day, every wildly successful business move began as an inspiration in someone’s head.

Business creativity isn’t magic, but it does take a little encouragement.

Make sure that you spend time alone with no distractions, every once in a while, to reflect on your business and let your mind wander. You’d be surprised how blocking off time to simply let yourself IMAGINE can help you generate solutions to problems that have been making you feel stuck. Shifting your mind towards right-brain thinking takes a little practice for some. But, your bottom line depends on being able to envision new possibilities and remain innovative, and this comes from being able to tap into your business creativity.

Remember, Isaac Newton was first struck with the inspiration for his groundbreaking theory of gravity by observing an apple falling from a tree. In 1665, the just-graduated Newton fled to his family home to avoid a plague outbreak. It was during this break in studies and away from his daily grind that his mind was open to observe and nurture his curiosity around the most mundane of occurrences: a falling apple!

How can you “tap into” your own Newton moment? If you’re having a difficult time seeing your business with fresh eyes, try one of these 3 tips:


One of the ways that improv performers keep the creative process rolling is by keeping an open dialogue

Yes, you can (tap into business creativity)!

through the power of YES! Whenever a new idea is thrown into a scene, it is the improvisational actor’s job to respond with an affirmative next action, not to shut ideas down and redirect. In the creative brainstorm process there is no such thing as a bad idea. Truly. Think about it: someone’s creative brainstorm generated the seemingly ridiculous ideas for the Snuggie, Pet Rocks, and the Magic 8 Ball, but, each of these products made their makers millions upon millions of dollars! Talk about profitable business creativity! By not immediately invalidating ideas that come to your mind or others, you are keeping the creative flood doors wide open, and that’s how “the next big thing” gets pitched.


Unplug and go for a walk. Simple – but powerful. Studies from Stanford University found that walking increased people’s creative output by an average of 60%. Walking alone, outdoors, without any media, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prime your mind for free-wandering (a.k.a getting creative). The fresh air and movement will oxygenate your blood, reviving your brain. You may be surprised what the overloaded mind can do when it is not being pulled in several directions at once. Just try it, and see if your business creativity doesn’t skyrocket!


Sometimes our brains simply get too cluttered to be able to make rhyme or reason of anything! An over-taxed mind is a choked mind, and creative juices need room to move! Use a “brain dump” to declutter those neural networks, and open the flood gates for juicy creative flow. Here’s a simple three-step “brain dump” process:

With a “brain dump,” anything goes.

a) Turn off notifications and potential distractions,
b) Take three deep, calming breaths, and
c) Take out a sheet of paper and start writing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that pops into your mind about the problem you are trying to solve. No need for full sentences in this exercise!

Once you’ve dumped out the jumbled content of your thoughts on the subject at hand, take a break. Use that renewed space in your brain to come back to the list later with fresh eyes and cherry pick those ideas worth pursuing further.

After using your new-found business creativity to curate a list of inspired ideas, get some second opinions from a variety of sources. When it comes to any marketing ideas that spring to mind, we are here to give you expert advice and guidance for how to execute them!

Contact us to book a marketing strategy session. Lean on us at Creative Wonders – use our “right-brain” mastery as a springboard to help you generate your next groundbreaking move in business!