ABC Recycling


When ABC Recycling came to us, they’d been in business for 100 years, yet had never used the services of an advertising or design firm. The company had grown from a small local business to a large international company and had recently acquired new businesses with different names and identities. The result was a potentially confusing mix of companies.


Creative Wonders guided the process of creating a new identity that would integrate all businesses under the ABC Recycling banner. A new logo depicting ABC’s red recycling container—the most visible physical icon of their business. To give the logo an international feel, the globe was added as another element. The globe is a different colour for each business, which allows ABC to differentiate locations, while building an overall brand. It also allows for future companies to be incorporated into the new identity simply by changing the colour of the globe.


  • New logo
  • Logo variations for 10 different locations
  • Stationary
  • Ad templates
  • Newspaper templates
  • Brochures
  • Bin signage
  • Book on 100th anniversary
  • Postcards


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