Marketing myth versus realityThis second lesson from Diane Lund’s 25 lessons from 25 years in marketing will dispel the marketing myth that any one-off advertising efforts will pay off. Generally speaking, one of anything never works magic:

  • One day at the gym.
  • One day dieting.
  • One ad in a magazine.

They are all a waste of time and money if you expect ultimate results after just one attempt.

Marketing your business and your brand takes a plan and a strategy that you need to stick to.  It is all about: consistency, consistency, consistency!
You need to figure out why your clients should use you over anyone else in your field.  This is a difficult question that takes some deep thinking:  Why you?

Then you need to figure out where is your target audience.  If they are not on Facebook or Instagram, do not spend a lot of time posting there.  People want to follow the trends, but you really need to follow your people.

  • Where are they?
  • What are they listening to?
  • What do they care about?
  • How can you add value?

Then you need to walk your talk: consistently, consistently.

Pick your medium, pick your message, and work it.  We call it frequency.  To create and build awareness and audiences you need frequency!

People need to see things, over and over again before they even read it or listen to it, let alone trust it.  There is no way around it – to have success you have to do the work consistently.

As much as it is tempting to believe the marketing myth, I have actually never heard of a “one hit wonder” in the communication business.  You are building relationships and relationships take time and tending, or they simply go away.

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To your success,

Diane Lund