One of the Smiles by Pocock event graphics that we created for promotions.

Each year for the last four years, we have organized a whimsical movie event hosted by our client, Smiles by Pocock (orthodontistry). As a thank you to his patients, he invites them to an Oscar themed party the day before the Academy Awards, with a full red carpet, costume contest, prizes, photobooth, and of course, a private viewing of a recent family movie at Cineplex Esplanade.

The event has a theme based around the movie being featured. This year’s movie, Smallfoot, an animated film about a yeti colony and the human they come to befriend, established the mythical creature theme of the party. Clients were encouraged to dress up as their favourite mythical creature, with prizes in the form of Oscar statuettes and gift cards awarded for the best costumes. Perhaps the cherry on top of the sundae for the attendees is greeting Dr. Pocock in full costume (this year dressed as a giant yeti) and have their picture taken with him.

This event speaks to how approachable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to his patients Dr. Pocock and team are. It ENGAGES his client base in a spectacular event that leaves them speaking for days to family and friends about the experience. There is rarely a more personal and powerful way to show clients how important they are. This event pays dividends in word-of-mouth advertising, and long-term client loyalty.

“When WILL I be hosting my client appreciation event?” is the question you should be asking yourself now…Contact us if you would like to discuss options for creating your own memorable event!

Here are some photos from the Smiles by Pocock client appreciation event from February, 2019: