why gratitude is important for business

I believe gratitude is an attitude that is not something that is just soft and fluffy.

Gratitude is an essential part of any business cycle. As a sales completes, or terms come to an end – gratitude is an easy attitude to engage.. But, when business is slow or you are questioning whether or not your business is worth all the effort – that’s when gratitude really works its magic.

For anyone who isn’t feeling great, challenge yourself to write three postcards this week to people who you are grateful to for their business. Writing down and expressing gratitude to those who support you – reinforces your true reality – you always have lots of things in life to be grateful for.

Each day is a gift. Each customer is a gift. And each new day is a chance to be grateful for all you learned or all you have yet to learn.

I love a saying from the book ILLUSIONS by Richard Bach. He said: “Life is either fun or it is for learning.” I say be grateful for the learning. Be grateful for the people in your life who are there to support you through your learning. And be grateful when you can be there to support them back.

Appreciation is what keeps people coming back. So, if you don’t have repeat customers – think about how you can appreciate people more. Send thank you cards. Thank clients by taking them to a sporting game. Get together with an old client over lunch. Or create an incentive program with another business contact.

It can work like this: If people come to you for flooring give them a referral to an interior designer or a coupon with a discount for another home service. Power teams are excellent ways to find the synergies between your businesses.

Because in the end…when the day is done…what goes around does indeed comes around…

So thank you to everyone who has given so much to Creative Wonders this year!